Praise for DAP... From Real DAP Users

"Not only did I get to speak to
Veena personally, she took the time to
make sure that DAP was actually the
right system for me"


"As a digital marketer who also buys digital products and services, there is probably nothing more important than getting support when you need it.

I have a digital book and video course that I wanted to password protect. I had tried setting my system up using a membership program that resulted in constant issues, poor customer support and left me feeling very unsatisfied.

I had heard about Digital Access Pass and been curious, but got suckered in by the flashy website the other guys (who shall remain nameless) had.

After my experience with those "other guys" I revisited DAP and gave them a call. I couldn't have been happier that I did!

Not only did I get to speak to Veena personally, she took the time to make sure that DAP was actually the right system for me.

Once I purchased it (I got the full package, as it seemed well worth the money), I got complete support from start to finish. I was integrating several systems - Optimize Press, Clickbank and Aweber, and without the quick, helpful support of Veena and her staff I would have been lost.

Not only were they great to deal with, they made me feel like my issues were important and that they were not going to stop until they had my system up and running.

I could not be more grateful, or recommend their company more highly.

They provide the kind of empathetic, quick support that I strive to provide for my own customers. They'll have my business for life!"

- Bree Argetsinger


"After researching many different popular membership site software programs, I came right back to DAP..."

Stefanie ODonnell

"Hi Veena,

After researching many different popular membership site software programs, I came right back to DAP. Your support is phenomenal, you have a solid reputation, and I'm comfortable with the system ... plus, it's your birthday (Happy 4-year Birthday!!!)

You're obviously doing something right.

Looking at other programs made me realize how many extras DAP provides that just aren't available or cost extra with other systems. DAP understands membership sites and gives you the tools you need to be successful. Plus, you are constantly improving and tweaking your software.

You can't go wrong with DAP!"

Stefanie O'Donnell


(Unsolicited testimonial)

"... decided on DAP because it's easy to use, looks great... You pay one price and that's it! No tricks or fine print..."


"I found DAP after researching for weeks about different membership software. I didn't know how to build a shopping cart or how selling products on the internet worked. Everything I found was either too complicated or lacking features for what I wanted to do.

Basically I needed only the following options:

  • Sell a few download products (not a whole store)
  • Offer Paypal as a payment option (I don't care about all the other uncommon payment gateways)
  • Have products delivered through an automated and SECURE download link (block non-members from download my products)
  • Track sales

You would be surprised at all the ecommerce offerings out there and how many of them fail to deliver the simple functions listed above in an easy and logical manner.

Some were built for physical goods instead of digital goods. Some cost a fortune and had way too many checkout screens risking high cart abandonments. Last but not least, some online processors charged a fee for every sale.

Here were my findings with other popular options:

  • DLGuard (very high quality product and support but far more complex than I wanted my site to appear)
  • ClickBank (high fees on every product and transaction and you have to wait 30 days or so to get your money, they do have a useful affiliate database which is a big reason why they're popular)
  • E-Junkie (still transaction fees but you do get your money instantly. Their affiliate database is not as good as ClickBank and so you wonder if you're better off not using an online processor)
  • Other wordpress plugins (they didn't have the features I needed, were awfully slow or poorly coded, lacked the maturity of a professional membership plugin, or felt more like a simple paypal integrator than an actual ecommerce software)

I ultimately decided on DAP because it's easy to use, looks great, has many helpful features you wouldn't have thought of. Your products are secure, they have plugins for you to deliver large files through Amazon S3 (a critical feature I needed), and you get your money instantly without being charged extra transaction fees!

You pay one price and that's it! No tricks or fine print to look through.

DAP has helped me attain financial success almost overnight and all done stress free. Had DAP not existed, I probably would have had to custom-code my own system at the price of over a thousand dollars. Even to this day, I am blown away at how they constantly find ways to update and improve an
already perfect product. In the few customer support requests I made over the past year, Veena was amazingly helpful and cared as much about my business as I did. This is why I KNOW I found the absolute best membership software."

(Sorry, can't give you my site so my competitors can't look me up.)

Note from DAP: Johnny wrote to us himself and asked "Do you need a testimonial for your website or promotional purposes? I absolutely love your product, and love how you've treated your customers over the years.)


(Unsolicited testimonial)

"DAP makes it easy for someone with little to no technical background to make a complete membership site literally within minutes... DAP is rock solid..."

Trevor Ponder

"Hey Veena and Ravi,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line that I'm ecstatic with your support and responses.

Every question you answered about DAP was very thorough and detailed in response. I was able to implement your suggestions right away without any challenges. Your answers were what I needed.

I'm very grateful for that. DAP makes it easy for someone with little to no technical background to make a complete membership site literally within minutes. I don't have to do any programming or custom coding whatsoever!

I have no patience for such a task. I rather work on getting the content into the site and talking to potential customers instead of sitting behind the computer trying to figure out some line of code. Needless to say you have done the hard part already.

I like the fact that you always update and support your product well after a license is even paid for.

So again thank you for all the continued support. I can't wait to finally start marketing my site and go make some sales.

And make note of it too for any skeptic - this is an unsolicited testimonial. DAP is rock solid."

Matt Santi
Affiliate Manager



(Unsolicited testimonial)

"...having an affiliate program built-in?
That was icing on the cake..."


"Dear Ravi and Veena,

I want to say THANK YOU for creating DAP. Having tried a few other products - and those products either failing miserably or being so cumbersome that they never worked as promised - I am elated that there is a tool that works.

DAP is that tool.

Like all products that rely on databases, there is a learning curve. It takes a bit to understand how to set things up and how it all works, but once you do, it all makes sense and you get right to work.

I teach martial arts, so I use DAP for managing the membership side of both my eBooks and my student resources. My students and customers can't stop talking about how much they love their member page and how easy it is to get to their resources.

And having an affiliate program built-in? That was icing on the cake. I wasn't really intending on having an affiliate program because they're usually difficult to maintain. But with DAP's built-in affiliate feature? Wow. It's so simple to use!

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a useful and needed product. I have yet to encounter anything I couldn't find an answer for, and in the end it usually turned out to be me, not DAP. Once I learned how to do it, it kicked off like a champ and is in full use.

Thank you!"

Phil Bradley
Arizona Wing Chun Association


(Unsolicited testimonial)

"I wish I switched (to DAP) ages ago now..."

Russell Hall

"At this early stage in my relationship with DAP I must say I am very favorably impressed with both the robust and featured packed nature of the product and with your professionalism and responsiveness.

I am a very experienced user of WP and creator of WP themes and plugins and over the past 2 years have used both Wishlist and Your-Member which although being well coded and with good features they just pale into insignificant redundancy when compared with DAP.

I wish I switched ages ago now!

I can see from your blog and support forums that the product is actively supported and updated and that feature inclusions which are discussed and indicated as forthcoming do in fact manifest as realities in relatively short periods of time.

This is something your competitors could learn from but experience tells me that they would most likely not!"

Russell Hall

(Unsolicited, un-edited support ticket response printed with permission)


"If you're searching for a nearly perfect
solution for membership... You can stop
looking. Digital Access Pass is the one."

Frederick Van

"This is a historic moment for me. It's the very first testimonial I've written for any product. However, I felt compelled to sing the praises for DAP.

I've been working on launching a membership-based site for a while now, and have had my share of battle scars from purchasing other products. They either fell short in one area or another, or had horrible support, or both.

I'm a very "particular" person, and I had a very specific way that I wanted my site to operate. Control over every aspect of my content was paramount, as was seamless integration with Wordpress — my CMS of choice.

My journey...

First, I purchased Wishlist Member. I must say, their marketing was fantastic and hence, I, like many others, felt compelled to click the "Buy Now" button. But after banging my head against the wall with regard to getting it set up to drip content, manage multiple membership levels, and their requirement to pay for access to a member forum… I gave up.

Next, I purchased Amember. I am a member of the Internet Business Mastery (IBM) course and they recommended this software, plus they're using to power their site. So, I figured if it's good enough for guys that have made un-Godly sums of money… then it's gotta be good enough for me — not. Different requirements, different content, etc.

And then I found DAP. To be honest, I was a bit turned off by the design of their site, and the formatting of the blog was a bit whacky. But my Dad always told me to not judge a book by it's cover, so I pressed on. Besides, the feature list seemed almost too good to be true.

So, once again, I clicked the "Buy Now" button.

(cue the "Gone with the Wind" background music)

I haven't looked back since.

People mis-categorize DAP as just a Wordpress plug-in or "membership script". It's much more than that. It is more of a server-based piece of software that seamlessly integrates with Wordpress using plug-ins they provide.

Also, like any powerful software package, there is a bit of a learning curve to get your mind around how it works. But it's not THAT hard. Once you "get it", things become logical and easy.

DAP allows me to protect and "drip" my blog posts, pages, stand-alone HTML pages, and even files (PDF, MP3, etc). Further, I have plans to add a premium podcast to one of my products. DAP handles this with ease.

The last thing I'll gush about is their insanely phenomenal support. I've pestered them with many support tickets over the weeks leading up to my soft launch, and they answer every question quickly and concisely.

I feel like almost anything I throw at DAP, it can handle. And they continue to develop the software to make it better and better. I'm eagerly awaiting the next release to see what they've cooked up for me.

I know it sounds terribly cliché, but after trying the rest, I'm happy I settled with the best.

If you're searching for a nearly perfect solution for membership, and other protected content management. You can stop looking. Digital Access Pass is the one."

Frederick Van Johnson
Host, This Week in Photo (TWiP) -
Founder/CEO, MediaBytes! -


"... (DAP) is a one stop shop
to get started selling online..."

William Rutledge

"I am so impressed with DAP that I feel compelled to write to you and tell you that your product has made my life so much easier.

I spent over a year and too much money buying stupid plugins and systems that were never compatible and a pain to use. I was at the tipping point of my frustration when I came across DAP.

I decided to buy a license to test it out and I LOVED it so much that I immediately started switching over all of my sites to DAP. I can't recommend you guys enough. (and I have been… to everyone I talk to about this stuff.)

You program is solid, it has everything I need (basic shopping cart functionality to sell a product, autoresponder, affiliate program (BEST benefit!!), and membership management.

This is a one stop shop to get started selling online. I also love the fact that I CAN integrate other solutions if I want to.

The tutorials are easy, the support is FANTASTIC and the fact that I got up and running on my first site so fast… well frankly, i couldn't believe it.

My only regret is that I wish I found you guys in the beginning instead of wasting all of that time and money trying to force plugins to work.

But I found you now and I am here to stay. Thanks for making my life easier. DAP was built so well... I watched the tutorials, set it up, and started making money immediately... couldn't be happier.

I really appreciate you guys and everything you do.


William Rutledge


"Digital Access Pass ... it’s so good
I think I’ll purchase the company!"

Barry Counsel

"See this great big watermelon sized smile on my face!!

I purchased Digital Access Pass and it’s so good I think I’ll purchase the company! (if only I could !)

For me, the software has delivered on every single promise you can find on their site and anywhere else on the internet. Products -Membership-Affiliate all in one delightfully simple package and I’m new to this internet income world.

See this even bigger jumbo watermelon sized smile on my face!!

I’ve had direct assistance from Ravi and Veena via personal webinar and email. I cannot speak highly enough of such personal, professional and prompt attention. They even laughed at my jokes...(true).... I’d buy the program again just to experience the genuine care from Ravi and Veena.

If you’re dithering, don’t – jump in and buy DAP. It’s a truly effective all round solution, it’s astounding value and I’m sure Ravi and Veena wear angel wings."

Barry Counsel


(Unsolicited testimonial)

"Best of all is the customer service... Wow. I am so impressed... They even helped me on Christmas Eve. Who does that?
DAP. Incredible"


"When I decided to start my first membership website, I searched for weeks. I looked at all kinds of options. Eventually, I decided on a WordPress framework. I found a product (let’s call it X) that looked good. But as I started trying to use X, I could not figure it out.

So I searched some more. This time, I read ALL the material on each product before I made a decision. I found Digital Access Pass (DAP) and read the ENTIRE document section. I was impressed with the depth of detail. I felt I knew how to use it BEFORE I bought it. It was obvious that there had been many trials and errors. DAP was prepared to show its warts. But two things stood out. 1) The problems had been solved. 2) There were tons of satisfied customers promoting the product and the customer service.

So I clicked the Add To Cart button, put my money down, and took a chance.

It turned out to be an awesome decision. DAP performs as promised. Plus, the founders Veena & Ravi are constantly improving it. Best of all is the customer service. Wow. I am so impressed.

Since I am a novice, I mess things up… a lot. I am willing to trying things on my own, but I often hit a brick wall. When that happens, I put in a support ticket. And then…I get an answer. Fast. And well thought out. And from people who know what they are talking about. Amazing. I have not been able to stump them yet. They even helped me on Christmas Eve. Who does that? DAP. Incredible.

Again, I am a novice to this whole membership website world. But I have used DAP to build a 3,000 plus leads database and over 150 paying members in less than six months. DAP has easily handled the load. I have been using DAP with PayPal Standard. It works great. Just as described. I have used both date-specific and time-specific content dripping. Both work. I have used the email auto-responder. It works. I have set up over a dozen products. No problem. I have used the product chaining rule (cool stuff). It works.

I am so impressed, I decided to write this letter and endorse DAP. I recommend DAP to anyone thinking about starting a membership website. Thank you DAP for helping me set the framework for my membership site. This is cool."

Mike Cerrone

This was a totally unsolicited testimonial. Mike emailed us himself, and asked, "Hi. I have used DAP for over 6 months. It's awesome. Thank you for all your hard work and help. I wrote a testimonial. How should I get it to you?", and this is the result.


"(DAP) has the best combination
of features and support ..."

Jon Lawrance

"After much deliberation I have decided to purchase Digital Access Pass (DAP). There are many reasons for this and I would like to outline them for the benefit of others.

Let's face it, it's not easy choosing between the popular membership site scripts out there.

There are a few products out there, some of which have a reputation for ease of use and some that don't. But the ones with good ease of use had poor forum integration and the ones with poor ease of use had good forum integration. How frustrating! Forum integration was important, since members come for the content, but stay for the community. I had to have good forum integration!

Then a friend suggested Digital Access Pass to me. I've heard it mentioned before but never really looked at it in detail. I checked out their Alexa ranking noticed how fast it was rising - it was cutting into the sales of other products hand over fist!

That is some of the general background, but why specifically did I go for DAP?

- It is easy to use.

- It was built as a WordPress plugin from the ground up.

- It has forum integration with not just SimplePress (like some) but also vBulletin, the de facto standard for forums.

- The feature set of DAP has no holes in it. i.e. it does ALL of what I wanted, not 80% of it, like many other products. This was critical.

- It has a nice vBulletin support forum (which I like). A competitor - as far as I am aware - only has a paid forum. Yes, it does include training videos etc. but I just wanted somewhere where I can read other peoples issues and post my own, without having to pay for the privilege.

- Veena and Ravi are very responsive to members suggestions, so the product grows in the direction people want - and rapidly as far as I can figure.

It took a long time to find out which route to go, because sometimes the sales pages for each product are rather vague and opaque. What I liked about the DAP site was that it gave plenty of specific information about what it could do. I liked that.

To my mind, DAP has the advantages of its major competitors and none of the drawbacks. They have taken the best features of other products and eliminated the worst aspects. To my mind, Digital Acess Pass has the best combination of features and support currently available. I highly recommend it."

Jon Lawrance

"... I am a middle-aged mom with no tech background... I couldn't have
done it without DAP..."


"I am a middle-aged mom with no tech background and if I can run a membership site anybody can. But I couldn't have done it without DAP - I know because I tried other methods and it was headaches galore.

DAP runs smoothly, does what I want it to do and what it says it will do. Best of all, as my site grows, DAP can handle it all. I don't need other plugins cluttering up the works.

Content delivery, protection, payment, affiliates - there is so much DAP does that I can't possibly cover it all here. The built in Affiliate system automatically makes every member an affiliate. Wow - I always wondered how to do that and now I have it.

I am just beginning with DAP and have plans to expand my site, products and membership offerings. It brings me peace of mind to know that DAP can grow with me.

I left the best part for last: The customer service from Veena and Ravi is prompt, patient and professional. They have answered every question from me and I appreciate them so much.

For several years I dreamed of having my own membership site and DAP enabled that dream to come true; simply, seamlessly and satisfactorily.

If I can do it, anybody can."



"... DAP is hands down the magical rosetta stone that my business has been missing ..."

David Anderson

"I was researching various content securing system that would easily plug-in to optimize press and allow me to offer my program and DAP is hands down the magical rosette stone that my business has been missing.

Sure, there is a learning curve, but in less then a single day from purchasing DAP I have managed get my website converted and ready able to take sales. I really appreciate how easily it implements with Optimize Press and how easy its feels from the user end.

What I enjoy from feature-set the most is the power of content dripping as it has allowed me to actually offer my Lifestyle Reboot program the way I have seen it in my head, and change peoples membership levels without much effort.

Now that I have everything configured with all my other systems, content offering is going to be breeze.

The most amazing result to me is that because DAP works so well at automating my sign-ups and offerings that I can actually start doing more retreats and live events. Selling products and confidently knowing that they are getting immediate access while I share my other gifts as a Lifestyle Specialist and Yoga.

I feel a great amount of relief now that I am offering my content with a quality and delivery that is up to my own high professional standards. My time is now free to teach Yoga, offer workshops, be a guest speaker and collaborate with others at live events!

If you are just starting up and don't want to spend a fortune and have a great idea to offer. I can simply say that WordPress (free) + Optimize Press($99) + DAP($167 - $297) is the easy and powerful way to go.

Oh and if you would like to add a lifestyle element to your live event contact me at, I have a lot more time to do those now :D


David "StarrTouch" Anderson
Lifestyle Specialist and Yoga Instructor"


(Unsolicited testimonial)

"... DAP is a game-changer..."

Julie Steele

"DAP is a game-changer. Not only is the product a top-notch solution, but the configuration, implementation and support experience has been the best I have ever experienced in a software package.

My new site was easier to build than expected thanks to the awesome functionality of DAP (and the unparalleled support from Ravi and Veena).

It was refreshing to feel like the developers actually cared.

If you are looking for the BEST solution and EXCELLENT support - then DAP is your only real choice."

Julie Steele


"...the best membership plugin
for 1,000 different reasons..."

Kyle Artzt

"I'm an internet marketer who has been doing product launches for a couple years, raking in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue... And I know a good product when I see one.

I was looking for a membership plugin for my sites and I drilled through the market for months and months, but NOBODY could give me all the features I wanted... until Digital Access Pass...

When they say this product was created FOR marketers, they know what they're talking about! This is by far the best membership plugin for 1,000 different reasons... Auto responders with a 100% rate of inclusion for buyers? And on top of that, create different lists for buyers, non buyers, etc? And it integrates with E-Junkie seamlessly? WOW!!!!

If you're using Digital Access Pass and you're not making a KILLING online, then, well... maybe you just need somebody to tell you how it's all done!!!!"

- Kyle Artzt


"... used Wishlist for over a year
and ended moving to DAP"

Dan Pfister

"I used Wishlist for over a year and ended moving to DAP and am very happy I did.

The reason I had to leave Wishlist is I kept losing data for customers and products. Their technical support tried to help but the problem was never resolved so I was forced to find a new home for my membership site.

I chose DAP and it has proved to be a very flexible and solid platform but the best part of DAP is the amazing technical support. Whenever I have a problem it always gets fixed fast."

- Dan Pfister
President, The Business Source Corp.


"... I would highly, highly, highly, highly
highly, highly recommend (DAP)... "

Some excerpts from this totally unsolicited video from a DAP user.

"DigitaAccessPass was the best way to go..."

"I originally installed WishList Member... however, I stumbled across a number of problems... No. 1: You cannot drip feed content the way that I wanted to...."

"Forget WishList, forget Amember, use DigitalAccessPass".

Laura Wilson

WOW! Thanks, Laura!


"Digital Access Pass .... one of my
most cherished tools

Juan Sebastian

"Well, I really think more that  more than a testimonial, I could have written a whole magazine feature talking about how wonderful DAP is and how much it has simplified my online efforts.

All I know that I just love it and I´m so happy  chose it over all the other options out there, which after some due diligence they seem to be good solutions, but in the end none of them compare with the power contained in DAP.

 A few months ago I was scrambling my head, really worried because the time had come to purchase a software to protect and manage my first membership site. I knew that was a huge step cause there were so many solutions for this out there (although only 3 or 4 big players) and it was vital for me to make a good decision, both for the investment of money, and specially the investment of time, since it takes some to get the hang of how to use any new software (obviously).

I started asking around and many people recommended different products, but a friend of mine who I really respected in terms of his expertise in everything online told me to look no further than DAP. I didn´t think much of it at first but then he showed me how it worked and everything It did (well, not really everything cause that would have taken days, lol) and I was sold. And after checking out some more testimonials I knew I couldn´t go wrong.

 And I didn´t! 

My first membership site took me a little time to set up since it was the first time I did something like this. But after I was done and the members started to sign up and everything was so automatic I just felt I was in heaven. What a wonderful thing it is to have a totally automated site that processes everything related to security, payments, affiliates, follow up, etc. it was just amazing. 

The second  site I set up with DAP took me exactly one hour 35 minutes from top to bottom and my third took me an incredible 48 minutes (I realize I´m a geek for timing myself). I´m expecting my fourth to take me less than 30 minutes hopefully. Yes DAP is that simple to use once you know how to use it and what to click. 

And about tech support…It is everything they say it is and more. I have messed up a few times and Ravi and Veena are always there to the rescue. They go way beyond your expectations and solve your problems every single time. They really blow me away with the level of commitment they show toward their customers. That´s why I had to do a testimonial (which I have only done once before) To thank them publicly for all their help and their wonderful masterpiece: Digital Access Pass, which is one of my most cherished tools. Having it makes you feel like you belong to a really exclusive club. 

You can´t go wrong with DAP, plain and simple.

And you can´t miss the chance to meet Veena and Ravi. Not only they´re amazing software architects, but they´re also a great team and wonderful people."

Juan Sebastian


"Kudos to DAP... they make things
easier for our customers, and they
allow us to keep our promise."


MontessoriHelper is an educational website which provides Lessons and Materials Memberships based on the Montessori Method of Education.

We have always been true to our promise “Montessori Made Easy!”, in fact so much so, that we decided to re-evaluate our membership site structure to improve on our promise. Sure, we had been running a different membership plugin (not DAP) for about a year and even though everything was working smoothly, we felt that it was just too hard for our customers.

And that we had to do something to improve this….even if it meant re-structuring the whole (600 page) website and editing each page, because our promise is paramount.

So, we started looking at Membership plugins again, and we already had a pretty good idea of the usual suspects, when we came across DAP for the first time. We had not seen DAP before and we were rather skeptical about it. They had lots of positive customer reviews, and we could not find even one negative review. On the face of it though , it looked similar to the other plugins, and we were concerned about running outside of WordPress. They also did not offer any trial options, and it was only the 30 day money back guarantee which finally allowed us to consider DAP.

So why did we choose DAP? Like us, they made promises which we resonated with…they promised to be affiliate ready right out of the box, they promised to allow your customers direct access to their content, they promised to be a fully functional autoresponder, they promised best value (with affiliate and autoresponder functionality already built in), and they promised to make it easy to manage members and your site. Sound familiar?

We took the plunge and though it was real hard work to rebuild a fully functioning website with almost 3000 members, after a few days we were able to validate every one of those promises.

Our customers can now access content immediately when they sign up, they can promote us organically (and earn affiliate commission when doing this), and the whole process from registration, to login to payment is automated….but most importantly, our site runs quicker, way more user friendly and more effective for our customers.

And that is why we chose DAP…

Kudos to DAP, they makes things easier for our customers, and they allow us to keep our promise."

- IJ


"... (they) will bend over backwards
to support you ... "

flyn penoyer

"If you are looking for a Wordpress Plug that does a great job, you should consider DAP. Yes, there are a number of others out there, but this one happens to be attached to some really fine people who will bend over backwards to support you when you really need it.

As a semi technical person, I know just enough to get myself in trouble and frequently do. For me this turned out to be the perfect choice.

I couldn't recommend any product with more confidence than DAP."

Flyn Penoyer
Founder of
Strategies and Tactics for Generating Revenue on LinkedIn


"... rock-solid platform..."

Fred Cohn

"There are a lot of great things about DAP I could talk about: Its versatility and management tools, the great documentation and tutorials, the increased functionality and flexibility with each release, its affordable price, the rock-solid platform and the DAP user community.

But above all, I love the customer service! Whenever I have a question or idea I need to run by Ravi and Veena, I always - and I mean ALWAYS - get a prompt, professional, and knowledgeable response.

For me, that alone sets DAP apart from all the rest.

Thanks for your tireless commitment to excellence!"

Fred Cohn


"Best damn decision I ever made"

Kirk Ward

"I started out with a long dissertation, naming names and comparing products. You know the products I've tried, and it probably won't do any good to re-hash the pro's and con's of them in a testimonial, so I'll just give you the feedback on the two major implementations. Some of the others were okay, some were pure junk. I've tried membership scripts with prices as low as $25 all the way to membership scripts that cost as much as $2, 997, before upgrades.

My fist membership script had been overly complicated and neither the developer or his tech support could provide a coherent explanation of how to perform most tasks. Overpriced software was solid, but inflexible, having been built for a limited, IM only, model. The developer did not even know what I meant when I started asking if the software could do drip content (this was in the days before everyone knew what it was). I had to have my own drip system coded to work with the membership script, and still did not understand the system after two years, so I looked for a replacement. By far, the worst customer service experience of the lot.

The replacement for that was tightly integrated with Wordpress, but still did not have a true “drip” system. Getting something that would drip content was clunky at best. And when I was told by the developer that I asked too many questions, I realized I had made another mistake. Especially when six months later, the software broke, and the developer went into denial until over a half dozen threads about the same problem (subscribers being booted and lost access) went public.

By then, I had started looking again, and this time, went with the recommendations of some of your rabid fans on the “Warrior Forum.” Took me bout two weeks to feel comfortable with the software, and the rest is tweking and piddling. DAP does everything I can think of, and includes all the features I've wanted but couldn't find.

Best damn decision I ever made."

Kirk Ward


"... The Support Is 5 Star ... "

James Radina

"Digital Access Pass was extremely easy to use.  The support is 5 star.  

Previously to DAP we used a software that costs $4500, you probably know what one I am talking about.  That other old program was a nightmare.  So much technical stuff we did not understand.

DAP made it very easy for us to set up a membership site on Wordpress in under an hour.  

If you can use Wordpress, you can use DAP.  If you cant, they will help with that too!"

James Sol Radina
Online Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Text Message Marketing
Sol Marketing SOLutions


"Hours later ... Small List of 700....
$1300 in monthly paying members "

E Brian Rose

"I went back and forth between which WordPress membership solution to go with for my new site. I finally decided to go with DAP. The same day that I purchased it, they had the software installed. Hours later, I was finished testing the features and ready to launch.

An email was sent to my small list of 700 people that had previously bought an eBook from me. I am writing this testemonial just thirteen hours after that email went out and I now have over $1300 in monthly paying members.

Hats off to the DAP crew for being quick to answer emails and provide ongoing support.

Good content combined with DAP is certainly a winning combination!"

E Brian Rose



"The big plugin in the industry is <competitor> and going in to this project I thought it would be the product I would end up with.

Boy was I wrong.

Other people rant and rave about their support, but in my experience I found them to be the slowest in responding, when they did respond the answer was wrong and even after I asked for a refund I don’t think I ever got it.

<competitor> does drip products / marketing very, very poorly.

Worst of all you have to go off-site, create an account with a third party and hope you don’t lose your customer in the process.

No on-site credit card processing (no matter what their support team says).

<competitor> does a great job of marketing themselves, but maybe if they spent a little less time making videos and a little more time adding features to keep up with DAP we would have gone down that road for Spacevidcast instead.

After a week long trial with each the clear winner was DAP.


So what did we do in the end?

When it was all said and done I actually purchased three plugins to get just the right ones to fit our needs: Suma Plugin, Wishlist Member and Digital Access Pass.

The final plugin we went with was Digital Access Pass.

Why? Because it does nearly everything on my features list and no other plugin comes even close!"

Benjamin Higginbotham



"One of the things that I absolutely hated about <competitor> was in order to drip content I had to set up multiple levels of membership for each and every membership that I decided to have.

So, if I was going to offer a silver, gold, and platinum membership level I would not only have to set up each of those membership levels themselves, but I would also have to set up membership levels for each week or month of content I wanted to deliver. This became a very daunting and time-consuming task. It was actually one of the main reasons why I left the plug-in.

With Digital Access Pass they have what’s called the True Drip feature. What this means is you can actually select the post and assign a sequence for it to be delivered.

For instance, if I create a membership called the Gold membership, all I would need to do is set the membership, and then protect the posts. After that, I just tell the software when to release the post to the members. So, if I wanted one posts to be delivered the day they signed up I can do that. Then, seven days later to deliver another post, and then seven days later I could deliver another post, and so on and so forth.

Very cool stuff."

Shannon Herod

Read the full review (and don't forget to come back here :-)


"... DAP is your #1 choice ... "


"This little box is not nearly enough space to say everything I'd like to about this awesome membership software. The bottom line: if you want a membership script that flat out works, and you want the flexibility of designing your site with or without WordPress, then DAP is your #1 choice.

DAP has all the most important features that I look for in a "set-and-forget" system: built-in affiliate program so your customers can help you grow your site; flexible membership levels and settings; simple to operate; and easy to update the software.

I'm using (and recommending) DAP for single-sale mini-sites, ongoing membership sites, my coaching programs, and even selling tickets to my live events. Digital Access Pass does it all - and the customer support simply can't be matched by any other software on the market.

Thank you Ravi and Veena for showing what a WordPress membership system should really look like!"

Bob ("The Teacher") Jenkins


DAP Wins
"Best WordPress Membership Site Platform"


One more from Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins...

"’s why DAP gets my Best of 2010 designation.
  • Digital Access Pass turns my free and paid members into instant affiliates so I can have my members have an easy way to help grow the sites I use DAP on.
  • DAP acts like a plugin, but is actually fully independent of WordPress which means it has no risk of getting “broken” when WordPress updates.
  • DAP allows you to deliver content sequentially over time within the same membership level. You can release new blog posts, pages, even PDFs and video files to become available any time over several years.
  • DAP keeps track of where a member stops their payment, so if they restart they can begin where they left off.
  • ...."
Read full post at: Best WordPress Membership Site Platform

Bob ("The Teacher") Jenkins


Mike Filsaime: "...DAP is a winner!"

mike filsaime

"What I love about DAP is that it is built by marketers, around the Wordpress platform.

So that means it is plug-n-play easy and robust out of the box. It works with the shopping carts I use and makes getting a project up and running easy.

When looking to manage your content, it is the perfect solution. Just look at the feature list. But what makes DAP stand out better than anything else is the support.

There is a reason they have raving fans and support is the answer.

In a nutshell, DAP is a winner!

Mike Filsaime

(Using DAP on


"... DAP Is Your Competitive Advantage"

Chris Johnson


"DAP is amazing..."

kawaii japanese

"DAP is amazing. As a photographer and designer, DAP has given me the ability to drip content through a paid membership blog that I could never have created myself for an extremely reasonable price.

Not only is DAP a great product, but they also provide excellent support and are continuing to develop and improve the product.

If you have any doubts check out my site which I created with DAP:"

Ryan Bruss


"There is NO way, any competitor
could come close to your service..."

"I would like to talk about something I have not heard anyone speak of yet, 'service'.

The ability to talk directly to the developers when you have a problem is priceless.

Having worked in professional sales for the last 30+ years, the one thing that really makes a difference is service. There is NO way, any competator could come close to your service, and I speak from experience.

Every time I have had an issue, you have gone the “extra mile” to help me out. I really don’t care about the competators and market share, I will not leave DAP as long as the service is maintained at the high level it is now.

I would also like to say that I have absolutely no doubt that whatever type of product the market is looking for, you are able to deliver through DAP. As I said when I first started using DAP, the product has far greater capabilities that I am capable of using at the moment, and I look forward to growing with the product. DAP is the only product on the market that gives me that sense.

In a very selfish way, I hope you do stay just as you are...

Joe Lessen

[Unsolicited Testimonial via comment left on our blog]


"... DAP has been my Wordpress
Membership Site's Saviour! ... "

Tawnya Sutherland

"DAP has been my Wordpress membership site's saviour!  We already had our website set up with other competition software but found out that it wouldn't suit our needs for a true drip campaign product.  That's when I came across Digital Access Pass.  

DAP makes it super easy to set up a simple content drip product even if you have different membership levels. No more having to make 36 products and put into sequential delivery just to get a one year 3 level drip campaign.  DAP is simple...just 3 products for the same content drip product

Not only can you drip content like videos, pdfs, documents and audios but this fabulous software also gives you the option to drip emails into the product too...what a fantastic idea!  I also love the fact that it has it's own built in affiliate program.  Who better to rave about your product then the members themselves?

So far this membership software surpasses my expectations and the customer service is quick to respond, friendly and always willing to help me with any questions I have.  The one thing I really like about their customer service is that they listen to what we, the customers want,  and include our requests quickly into newer versions of the software. 

I like the fact that you can allow members to see specific posts, pages and even categories...this software is amazing and a true asset to anyone wanting to set up a membership using Wordpress.

I could go on forever about this superb Wordpress Membership software...way to go RAVI!"

Tawnya Sutherland


"True Story... It's no exaggeration to say that I could not have done it without DAP... "

Lee Stranahan

True story - earlier this year, my family and I were living in a hotel for several months. I'd left my job in order to create my own businesses and moved to New Mexico. It was my wife, two kids two cats and a couple of computers in one small hotel room about seven months.

I wanted to start an online business but I really didn't know what I was doing. I wanted to teach and I'd had experence doing that and so some sort of memembershipteaching site seems to make sense. Did I mention my wife was pregnant, too? The pressure I was under was enormous.

I had no idea what to do, really. Because I knew Wordpress already, I began doing research and I found DAP. Suddenly, EVERYTHING clicked. I could put together a site that taught people and using DAP's 'content dripping', they would get sequential content. I would make instructional videos as lessons and let DAP deliver them, including any extra materials.

Best of all, I could get going almost immediately. I could download the one penny trial and get the business going. Because of DAP's conent dripping, I didn't need to take months and develop all the lessons ahead of time - if I created lessons daily, I'd 'be ahead of the drip'...and time is a resource that I had.

I started my business using DAP and wrote a sales letter that brought in over $10,000. We moved into our dream house in October and just had a wonderful Christmas.

It's no exaggeration to say that I could not have done it without DAP. It's the basis for other online businesses that I'm starting this year, too. The support is phenomenal and Ravi himself has always answered my questions promptly.

Thank you, Ravi, for this great piece of software and the updates and improvements are great as well. Have a happy New Year - and if any of you want to contact me directly, please feel free to do so. All my contact info is on

Lee Stranahan

[From Warrior Forum]


"Thanks for such a
FANTASTIC piece of sofware"


Mark Cleghorn


"DAP is a Lifesaver!"

josh stinson
Josh Stinson

"I've played around with changing a second site over to DAP for awhile
now the final result leaves me wildly impressed - **again** - by the
LIMITLESS possibilities that DAP provides.

The first site is

Coaches Academy is a 12 month-long mentoring/training program for basketball coaches. As such, it utilizes DAP's drip content and email autoresponder features extensively to
progressivly deliver a sequence of training materials. DAP has provided us with the tool to deliver the first and only course-based development program in our market.

Coaches Academy also used DAP as the platform to conduct every aspect of a full-blown product launch:
* Capturing prelaunch leads
* Delivering a free giveaway offer to those leads
* Delivering a pre-launch email autoresponder campaign to those leads
* Automatically turning those leads into affiliates, who in turn referred
even MORE leads before the launch
* Automating launch announcements
* Sending follow-up emails to prospects after the launch
* Signing up JV partners at higher commission rates

Since the end of the launch, DAP has continued to automate lead capture,
affiliate sign-ups, prospect autoresponders, and delivery of free
content...ON TOP OF managing the membership site!

The second site is .

HoopClinics offers an assortment of basketball coaching products as well as free (blog) content on a single wordpress installation. Each product is delivered on a separate wordpress page protected by DAP. DAP and Livelinks combine to create a single site with these benefits built-in:

* Easy to navigate design
* Protected members content
* Built-in opt-in pages & sales pages that meet adwords guidelines
* Unprotected content that can get organic search engine traffic
* Ability to endlessly add products
* Member login, member profile, and affiliate program & tools built directly
into the wordpress site
* And we'll be adding DAP's SSS plugin to create an ala carte system that
allows people to purchase credits and choose products later.

Ive spent a LOT of time in the past couple of years searching for affordable membership software products that would be able to handle what we are doing with JUST ONE of these sites. Then I stumbled across DAP and discovere that it can handle BOTH, and more!

DAP is a lifesaver!

Josh Stinson


Unsolicited External Review


"I was not aware of this Membership WordPress plugin previously and when I was first introduced to it I was very surprised at the large number of positive reviews I found. That in itself made it worth testing this tool. What I found was that DAP considers itself to be a ContentSponder. A play on words saying that this tool can not only provide you with a WordPress Membership site management tool, but you can also use it as your Mailing List Manager for your members and provide content to them in Drip fashion with the integration of the mailing list. Sending out updates to content on a schedule that you set.

It is a very high powered product. When a member joins they are automatically made one of your affiliates as well, integrating the process. With the ability to manage JV Partners, this product caught my attention instantly as well, but the power of all the integrated Payment processors made me drool as well. You can use Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart and many others, but DAP is a Shopping Cart as well, which allows you to sell Membership access and sell individual products. It has a Download management protection feature and everything you could want from a product like this. Site documentation was very thorough as well.


Unsolicited Blog Comment


"I’m just moving over from Wishlist to DAP, and have to concur that the service is excellent. I think this is in part because the programmers are actually the developers amd promoters which gives them an innate knowledge of the product.

The Wishlist developers had to hire outside programmers and that extra layer of separation damages service and accuracy of response. The extra layer means the programmers do not hear the original question, and the technical support personnel cannot have a total understanding of the product.

Regarding some of the features that DAP is missing, there are simple solutions available. For example …

Integration with iDevAffiliate and Rapid Action Profis is easy if you get the $9 IPNRelay For Paypal from Stellar Web Creations (

A simple php script will even allow you to integrate with almost any other piece of software. I have used it to integrate with at least four other pieces of software for at least two years. Software that Wishlist is getting excited about because they now integrate with that I have been using for over two years. (Yes, I used Wishlist for two years, until I was referred to DAP by several people who were aware of my complaints about the deficiencies of Wishlist.)

If you want to protect a partial post, until DAP gets a better solution, you can use a free WordPress plugin called “HidePost” (

There are a lot of simple answers for any deficiency you can think of in DAP, and almost any other script you can find. The key is being able to communicate with a person who knows and understands the underlying code, and Wishlist does not give you true access to that. Only after you have been complaining about the same problem for six months, and discovered a half dozen forum threads from dozens of other users with the same problem MAY put you in in touch with someone who MAY know the code. But, is not the actual coder."

Kirk Ward


"Digital Access Pass
runs PERFECTLY, man!.... "

Michael Wilson


"... Has Been an Absolute Life-Saver..."

Kevin Boer


"Made $1600 With Just
15 members..."

Matt Fox

(Listen to Matt's Audio Testimonial...)

... "Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful..."

... "Digital Access Pass is extremely flexible..."

... "Took me 20 minutes to install..."

.... "Very grateful for what you have here..."

Matt Fox



"(DAP's) TruDrip Feature: This feature allows you to create a product, then assign content to that product, which is released to the subscriber in a given # of days.

NOTE: (With <competitor>'s) Sequential Content Delivery feature, administrators create a “product” (piece of content), and determine when *it* is released.

Rather than a stream of content for a given product, the admin has to create another product for the next month.

If there are multiple membership levels, buckle in. The admin has to create one product per level per month.

If you want to roll out 4 pieces of content a month and have 3 membership levels, you need to create 4 products per level, or 16 products a month, after 6 months you have created, (16*6) 96 products!

As you can imagine this becomes challenging (read more about it here).

Another NOTE: I reached out to the owner of <competitor> to discuss this, but as of yet haven’t heard back."

Travis Campbell

Read the full review (and don't forget to come back here :-)


"..In just one month my subscriber
income is close to $1000 USD

"The software really kicks butt and I am getting more and more subscribers, mainly by using the teaser content strategy, dripping content makes serializing content easy.

Built in auto-responder for each member level keeps people in-tune and you in touch.. and there are features I have not even used yet.

These guys have thought of everything. In just one month my subscriber income is close to $1000 USD and about to double. I have not even implemented the affiliate module or the one-click upsells or the other amazing tools these guys have put together.

Seamless integration with my site. These guys have built this product well and they back it up with great customer service. I will make good money with this software and - most importantly - deliver great value to my clients. I couldn't be happier."

Sam Geppi


Lon Naylor

Lon Naylor

I purchased DAP after a fairly exhaustive selection process to find the best membership script for WordPress possible.

I totally think I made the right decision.

The features & functions coupled with the lightning quick and comprehensive support from Ravi and his team has made DAP a purchase I really feel good about.

I'll be releasing my first launch on the platform early next year and look forward to a more complete and real-world testimonial for you Ravi!

DAP - Highly Recommended

Thanks for everything

Lon Naylor

[From Warrior Forum]


"...It is SUPERB!"

PV Reymond

Hi Ravi,

Some months ago I came out with the idea of creating a membership site and began to look for a piece of software that could be integrated with Wordpress.

I spent money on other softwares but they disappointed me because they never did what was supposed they should do.

At this point I continued my research because I wanted something different and powerful... until one day I found DAP.

I've been using it now for more than 90 days and I can tell you that it is SUPERB! It is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Great features and very easy to use... and it runs at an incredible speed.

I recommend DAP to anyone trying to start a membership site because it is fantastic. My Startup Internet Business Acceleration Club works like a charm due to DAP. Feel free to use these words in your marketing efforts because I am more than happy with DAP.

^PV Reymond


"It's going to change your business forever..."

Tony Thomas

(Listen to Tony Thomas' Testimonial...)

<Excerpt from the audio testimonial>

"We wouldn't be caught dead without Digital Access Pass..."

"We use it for our WordPress blogs and HTML pages..."

"Whatever you do, don't be without this membership script..."

Tony Thomas


"Had been looking for months for a membership script before I found this..."

William Boyett

(Listen to William Boyett's Testimonial...)

<Excerpt from the audio testimonial>

"Works fantastic!..."

"Set it up with ease..."

William Boyett


"...By far the best investment I have made in my business..."

Thea Westra

Hello Veena & Ravi,

Just thought I'd add my personal accolade for the Digital Access Pass plugin for Wordpress, I absolutely love it.

My Member site has been up and running since late August 2009 (you can see it at

They have been amazing with any support I have needed, and they continue to develop Digital Access Pass. It just gets better and better.

The TruDrip (TM) system is the best. I have had the occasional site visitor register only for the single month and then realize that they can't access all my content and run. Following hours and hours of work to create my material, that is very satisfying.

If you're out there and thinking about using Digital Access Pass, jump in!

I was hanging back and waiting to finish my book, however Ravi showed me how I could use it to generate interest for my book before completion. He's a great at marketing tips as well as software development! See his terrific book at

I decided to go with the monthly service for DAP. That way I don't have to worry about the technical details behind the software. I wanted to put all my focus on content creation. For my affiliates, I am really pleased to be using the Paypal Mass Pay system too. You can choose from several other shopping cart options too, DAP is easily integrated.

You are most welcome to contact me if you're needing re-assurance. It is by far the best investment I have made in my business.

Thank you Veena & Ravi!

Thea Westra

[From Warrior Forum]


"... DAP is one of the best membership plugins out on the market today..."

I have to say that DAP is one of the best membership plugins out on the market today. I have it running on two of my sites as we speak and it has done remarkably well. Not only can I sell the memberships, but I can sell stand alone products from the same site and be able to grow my list from these products.

Thanks again for all your hardwork in all the updates.

Your support staff is also top notch. I had a few hiccups and always received a quick response.


Steve Bents

[From Warrior Forum]


"...DAP is simply brilliant..."

Barry Plaskow

I have to say that DAP is simply brilliant.

Easy to use, great affiliate capabilities and cheaper than the rest.

I searched for several months before chosing a membership software and DAP is where I ended up.

I couldn't recommend it enough.

Barry Plaskow

[From Warrior Forum]


"... the customer support is fantastic..."

Well, I think I was one of the first people who used DAP, it was around a year ago and since that this is the only script I use to run my membership sites.

DAP is awesome with lot of features, great flexibility and very easy to use... the thing that really impressed me is how fast it runs, you just click and it accomplishes the action immediately.

On the other hand, the customer support is fantastic... if you have any issue they are willing to get on the phone or on Skype with you.

Listen, if you are looking for a script to run a membership site DAP is what you need, just DAP and nothing else.

^PV Reymond

A second testimonial from PVR.
[From Warrior Forum]


"... DAP is the ONLY one that has the versatility to let me do what I need to do..."

James R Alburger

Hello Ravi,

I use DAP primarily as a registration system for our voice acting workshops and a rather large convention that we produce. But I also have a variety of products and other functions that all need to be integrated into a single structure.

I looked at at least a half-dozen different member site programs before finding DAP.

Of all the member site programs out there, DAP is the ONLY one that I could find that has the versatility to let me do what I need to do.

And I never expected that Ravi would provide such outstanding and exceptional customer support. I've even been very pleasantly surprised to see that several of my suggestions for DAP have already been implemented.

Thanks for an absolutely GREAT product!!!

James R. Alburger

[From Warrior Forum]


"... I'm not sure that (Ravi) ever sleeps..."

Doug McIsaac

I've used DAP on several sites and can't say enough good things about it. It's simple to use, easy to install, even easier when Ravi installs it for you :-) and at the price you can't beat it.

Plus with the way Ravi is always adding new stuff to it and quick he responds to questions I'm not sure that he ever sleeps.

Doug McIsaac

[From Warrior Forum]



Unlike some of the others here, I hadn't tried another membership program before DAP so when I read their comments I realised how lucky I was not to have wasted money on something else first.

Ravi's customers are totally spoiled.

I don't even want my competitors to know I'm using DAP as I think it gives me a definite advantage ;-)

Thanks Veena & Ravi for all the tech support


[From Warrior Forum]


"... The Auto-responder ... and Bulk Mailing which is a real differentiator... "

Lisa Schwartz

I purchased DAP after doing much research to find the best membership script for my sites that would control and protect my content (now full WordPress integration is a benefit!).

I think I made the right decision, I still am testing the use of this and will report back, however I have recommended this software system to a few folks and one of the referrals has it up and running quite well.

The features that were most important to me was ease of use and the ability to drip content so that a member wouldn't download everything and run .

Also, you all should check out the auto-responder features and bulk mailing which is a real differentiator that is often not highlighted.

I'll be fully launching early next year and will update here.

Also, Ravi's support is great. A real plus IMHO.

Thanks for this, keep it up. And I can't wait for OTO and 1-Click upsells, woot woot!


Lisa Schwartz

[From Warrior Forum]


"My Membership Site
Works Like A Dream..."

Christina Wiley

(Listen to Christina's Audio Testimonial...)

"Digital Access Pass has saved me hours and hours of work...."

"Customer support is fantastic..."

Christina Wiley


"... Did I tell you that their support
is out of this world? ..."

George Tran
George Tran

"I must say, as a systems designer, I am very impressed with what Ravi and Veena have done. I've looked around quite extensively for a solution that would satisfy my needs as well as the needs of my customers. After an extensive and exhaustive research, I am glad I found DAP. You are awesome!

Your application fulfills one of my primary criteria in creating a true residual income business...content drip over time. No other solution in the marketplace does such a fantastic job (besides SocialSAM). With your built in autoresponder, list manager, affiliate tracking system and ecommerce system, your solution does it all.


Keep up the good work.

George Tran
Founder and Programmer of
Founder of

Ps. Did I tell you that their support is out of this world? These guys truly stand behind their product.